Clarifier    Clarifier CLI-120.2

The Lamella Plate Clarifier provides a new and efficient way of removing separable solids from construction water. The Clarifier is fabricated of mild steel and has FRP Lamella Plates. The layering of the Lamella Plates increases the projected surface

area of the water, therefore creating an environment in which more solids can be extracted. The Clarifier’s unit process includes the following specific accessories: chemical injection, flow meter, static mixers, tank mixers and a control panel.

When the sediment-rich water comes into contact with the Lamella Plates, the solids drop from the water into the plates, where they become manageable and can easily be discharged through the sludge removal valve. The Unipure technology, exclusively supplied in Canada by IWR Technologies, generates conditions that permit separable solids too effectively drop out of polluted water. The efficient size of the tank allows for space saving, while the artificial surface area draws more solids out of the water than a conventional tank.

Removes silt and other solids from construction de-watering projects

  • Efficient size of tank minimizes spatial requirements while maximizing solids separation
  • Simple, flexible, and highly effective
  • Readily available for rent or lease in the 60, 120, and 240 gpm sizes (other sizes available upon request)




Flow Area(sq ft) Height(inches) DryWeight (lbs)


0-50 igpm 84 118 4,200


10-100 igpm 159 160 6,400
SSS-240 15-220 igpm 628 261 16,700