IWR Oil/Water Separators

Oil Water Separator

IWR oil/water separators are effective in consistently removing non-emulsified oil and petroleum products from water. A PVC slant rib coalescing media pack is employed to coalesce and separate oil and sediment from water. Separated oil and product accumulates at the top of the separator where an adjustable weir can skim and discharge oil to an internal oil reservoir. A mechanical skimming system can be employed on demand. Treated water collects in a separate internal reservoir where a transfer pump or gravity directs the water to discharge.

A hopper-type bottom is built into the separator below the coalescing media pack. The bottom walls are sloped to a bottom drain for easy sludge removal. Large lids with vapour tight seals and latches are built into the top of the separator for monitoring purposes and to permit easy media pack removal for cleaning purposes.

IWR separators are constructed with carbon steel with epoxy coated internals for chemical resistance.

IWR separators are available in standard 25 gpm, 50 gpm and 100 gpm sizes or can be built based on a custom design for a specific application. Fully winterized systems are available for outdoor winter applications.

Oil Water Separator