IWR Technologies Ltd. was founded in 1989. Bringing together experience in mechanical process and chemistry, IWR designed and fabricated its first successful in-situ remediation system. IWR’s team of professionals quickly developed a successful formula for identifying and executing solutions for the toughest environmental process requirements, which include a thorough knowledge of appropriate technology applications, an assessment by our experienced project managers of process remediation requirements and project objectives. This approach still runs IWR today, with a personal touch that completely understands all of our customers’ needs.

IWR has been part of numerous large scale cleanup projects such as the New York JFK Airport, Chicago O’ Hare Airport, Dewline and New Jersey Superfund sites. The IWR team has installed projects around the world from its Dewline 1 site in the Yukon to system installations in Brazil and Hawaii. 

IWR’s professional staff includes a variety of people, each bringing a multitude of experience and knowledge. As a company, IWR Technologies Ltd. has completed the construction, installation and operation of over 1000 in-situ equipment systems.