Multi-Phase Extraction


Multi-Phase Extraction (MPE) is the process of applying a high vacuum, typically > 15”Hg, to an extraction well or trench to simultaneously extract soil vapour, groundwater and liquid phase product from the subsurface. This process cleans soil and groundwater at sites impacted by the release of fuels and chemical products.

The high vacuum is generated by a water or oil sealed liquid ring pump. The vacuum that is induced at the extraction point creates air flow toward the well and into the inlet piping. The air flow entrains free liquids (water and product) and transfers these liquid back toward the pump. Prior to entering the pump, the vapour and mist enter a vapour/liquid inlet separator. Entrained free liquids are separated from the vapour and transferred by pump to a treatment system or to discharge. Vapour exits through a demisting element in the inlet separator travels through the liquid ring pump and discharges to a treatment system or release to atmosphere.

There are several key and proven benefits to the application of the MPE technology for the remediation of impacted soil and groundwater versus the use of single or two phase down-hole pumping systems.

IWR is a leading North American designer and manufacturer of MPE systems. More than 100 IWR MPE systems have been successfully commissioned in Canada and the United States extracting and treating contaminants such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and chlorinated solvents. IWR MPE systems are available as skid-mounted, enclosed or trailer mounted packages. Optional liquid and vapor treatment systems are availableMPE significantly increases the pressure gradient (driving force) toward the extraction point. Remediation timeframes are reduced and a greater amount of contaminant is recovered. Daily removal rates of hundreds of pounds of contaminants is typical. The radius of influence created by the high vacuum MPE process is far greater than can be achieved by liquid pumping under atmospheric pressure and soil vapour extraction at low vacuum. As a result, fewer extraction points are required with high vacuum MPE. MPE creates horizontal oil flow through oil-wet soil toward the extraction point. This reduces oil entrapment and smearing. The air flow generated by the MPE system simultaneously reduces residual soil impacts concurrent with liquid product removal.

IWR MPE systems are available as skid-mounted or trailer mounted packages. Optional liquid and vapour treatment systems are available.

Multipphase Extraction    multi phase extraction