Thermal/Catalytic Oxidizers

oxy1      Thermal Oxidizer

Thermal and catalytic oxidizers provide a proven technology for the destruction of off gases from remediation and process systems. IWR Technologies manufactures three different categories of oxidizers:

  • Thermal catalytic oxidizers
  • Electric catalytic oxidizers
  • Catalytic only oxidizers

Each oxidizer works differently. The thermal oxidizer works by utilizing a burner that heats up the vapour stream that enters the oxidizer. The heat from the burner breaks the hydro carbon bonds in the stream, producing a clean flow of gas. The catalytic oxidizer works by allowing gases to flow through a catalyst bed, where the toxic gas particles are trapped in the bed and produce clean carbon dioxide and hydrogen molecules. The electric oxidizer works in the same manner, but uses an electric heat source. Both the catalytic and electric oxidizers both contain a catalyst that is activated at a certain temperature to help aid the breakdown of the gases into their different molecules.

IWR thermal/catalytic oxidizers operate using either natural gas or propane as the make-up fuel. IWR fuel trains are manufactured to meet applicable gas codes and are supplied with a remote telemonitoring and datalogging package as standard equipment. The oxidizers can operate in thermal mode or with an optional catalyst for better make-up fuel efficiency when concentrations drop below 25% LEL.

  • Custom designed for soil and groundwater remediation projects
  • Destruction efficiencies of greater than 99%
  • Safe, reliable and quiet operation
  • Remote telemetry and datalogging
  • Complete skid-mounted and enclosed system

      IOL Oxy on site being lifted by a drane